Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits that range from good health to Self-Realisation. Lets keep this simple.

Asanas or postures help to keep the physical body healthy. While holding a posture and focusing on certain areas of the body, energy is generated and collected in that area. Upon relaxation, the energy channels are widened, removing blockages and allows healing to occur. For example, people can touch their toes due to removing energy blockages in the lower back (see testimonial page).

Pranayama or breathing requires focus, attention and will power to direct prana in the body. This energises you and makes you stronger. At the same time slow, rhythmical breathing slows the mind down making it calmer. Breathing directly effects your mind. If you are angry, your breathing is fast and shallow. So, to calm down, breathe slower and deeper. If your mind is frantic, so is your work. Calming the mind through your breath allows your work to be more organised and efficient as you can clearly see what has to be done! If you feel tired, instead of having a coffee break, have a Pranic break!

Dhyana or meditation is when you have no mind, no thoughts. However, to achieve this we have to concentrate on one thing, e.g. focus on the 3rd Eye or the Heart centre. This is hard work as the mind keeps jumping about the place with both good and bad thoughts. Either way you have to acknowledge them and let them go. When we start meditating all your thoughts are churned up. It is like salmon swimming upstream, the stream of thoughts keep coming at you. If you get involved with a thought you end up down stream. However, with persistence, you come to an area of calm and bliss. Your mind can now relax and enjoy the quietness and stillness ... Do not judge it, just enjoy this moment for however long it lasts. This peace, this bliss, can last for hours.

So, doing yoga, helps you to be more flexible, stronger, fitter, eat healthier, be more energised and calmer too. When you do your sadhana or practice in the morning it sets you up for the day. You will be have more ideas, make better decisions, work efficiently and have more energy. When you do your sadhana in the evening, it helps clear those negative thoughts and negative energies and allows you to have a better more peaceful sleep!

Try it. The proof is in the experience!

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