"MAHASHIVRATRI: the most important day for any Yogi or Yogini. Monday 7th of March, the Night of Shiva, on the14th night of the new moon, a moonless night.

On this one night only, Lord Shiva blesses everyone on Earth and if one showsdevotion though the practice of Kriya Yoga or through puja, the devotee will certainly be blessed.

Yoga is he union of the individual Soul, Jiva, with the Universal Soul, Siva. The quickest and scientific method to self-realisation is by Kriya Yoga. On this day, some fast, stay awake and do puja all though the night. They break their fast the next morning at sunrise.

Do your Kriyas, your sadhana through midnight and into the early hours of morningand do Shiva mantras or His mantra jap.

Om Namah Shivaya!

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