I came across Kriya Yoga in 2015. A customer of mine, who is with Yogananda and the SRF in California, recommended the “Authobiography of a Yogi” to me. I read it and found the story brilliant, but Yogananda did not appeal to me as “My Master”. So I went on the internet and looked up Kriya Yoga, and the first thing popping up was one of Nath`s videos. I clicked it, Nath uttered one word and I had found my Master. I spent that Sunday bingewatching all youtube videos I could find. The next day I contacted one of his teachers and got initiated by him two weeks later. Another three weeks later I had the great opportunity to meet Nath in person at the german retreat and to be initiated by him personally again. I had come home for good. I am an intellectually triggered person, and his vast wisdom appealed to me as much as his heavenly presence. Since then I try to practice everyday, sometimes I fail and miss a day or two, due to my professional schedule.


The practice has given me peace of mind. I got rid of a lot of unnecessary thoughts in daily life, I feel more focused. I feel a deep and profound calmness in me, and a lot of things that would have shook me in earlier years seem no threat now. Sometimes it even feels like me watching myself doing the living, I can`t put it in better words. I can step back a bit and look at all the details of a situation and then decide what to do. I deal better with challenges and trials of life, because I feel connected to Nath`s energy and I fully trust him to carry me through everything. I skipped all so called “spiritual practices” like astrology, Tarot and LeNormand readings, as I don`t feel the urge to know what is in the future anymore. I try to live day by day as it comes and I feel guided, protected and carried by Nath.


After three years of practice I met my now husband online, and for the first time in a relationship every wrong was turned into a right. My venus is in pisces, which often means relationships with people who are “not available for commitment”. I was always clinging to men who already were in a relationship, or did not want to commit themselves. I was not really looking for a partner, but all of a sudden I had a long distance relationship (USA-Germany) with a guy who was totally commited to make it work and find solutions. It seemed so unreal at first. There is a video of Nath in which he says that when you do Kriya, you dissolve past life karma and even your horoscope can be turned around. You still have the same “blueprint”, but suddenly, because you yourself have developed, everything turns out differently. This is what I see, learn and feel every day. Kriya has opened my eyes to how rigid I was in seeing life. How many doors I closed myself, even if I wanted them open so badly. How I stood in my own way, because my mindset was so wrong.The more I can let go of these inhibitions, false ideas how things should be etc., the more life is a flow, and I owe that to Nath and Kriya Yoga.


I am utterly grateful that I found a Living Master, it is a privilege that not many have. We are blessed beyond any understanding to be with Nath. Getting initiated into Kriya and starting to practice was the best choice I ever made in my life.


[Andrea, Beautician, Frankfurt]


I found out about Kriya yoga as a coincidence while watching something completely different on Youtube. That day a video of Yogiraj Siddhanath started automatically and made me cry unexpectedly. It was the 'sign I was waiting for' as they say :) Just out of curiosity I googled Kriya Yoga and I feel really very lucky. Kriya Yoga is truly a life changing experience. I try to start my days with Kriya 4-5 times a week most weeks. But, even if I fail to do it for a few weeks for some reason or another, when I find the time and when I feel the need I go back to my daily routine, without beating myself about it. 

Carl is very friendly, approachable, and most helpful. One cannot wish for a better teacher. He is patient, ready to answer all your questions, explain everything many times, and never forcing or demanding at any point. I am most grateful to Carl for helping me learn Kriya Yoga.   

[Serazer, Artist]


I developed an interest in Kundalini Kriya Yoga after reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi' which I found very inspiring. Now, two years on after my initiation, I can sincerely say that practicing Kriya has been one of the most important and life changing choices I have ever made. As my practice continues, I know it is taking me on a spiritual journey to the place I belong. I feel privileged and grateful to be on this path.

[Greg, Primary School teacher]


After I read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda and was hooked and wanted to learn Kundalini Kriya Yoga above all else. I was initiated and empowered by Gurunath in 2006. It has been transformational. I dropped all my other “Spiritual practices” such as Reiki and Aura-Soma, crystals, … I realised that these did not change me as a person, did not get rid of my negativity, they just gave me an ego.


As a secondary high school teacher, the daily effects I experience are:

  • My day is planned for me in I know exactly what I have to do in my lessons; 

  • I am calm, energised, focused 

  • I feel strong and protected, 

  • Solutions to problems appear quickly and easily


Since 2006 I have hardly missed a day because there is no activity that I have done which gives me so much peace. I am more content, happy, understanding and less judgmental. I am now able to smile and let go of things/ situations that otherwise would irritate me. The feeling of being truly FREE is increasing day by day.


Kriya Yoga has helped me get through each lesson and negative karma that was due to me. Thank God I never gave up by practice! My own children have noticed the difference. The staff in school have noticed the peace and calm that I am able to bring into the classroom and staff room.

Kriya Yoga is clearly changing the way I look at life, changing me into a better person, making me more content and happy.
[Carl, Secondary school teacher, teacher of Kundalini Kriya Yoga]


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